Australian Elementor Designer

Snug Site is an Australian Elementor Designer. We prefer to use the amazing Elementor Page Builder paired with WordPress to achieve great website design.

Why are Snug Site Elementor Designers?

Snug Site always aims to design WordPress Websites that empower our customers to easily manage their site after going live. Elementor is a WordPress plugin that enables Drag-and-Drop style page building – which offers ease of use, design flexibility, and has a heap of helpful online resources for novices.

We find that after providing our customers with a short Elementor Training session, they’re excited to take control of their website design and content.

Those who have come to us for a website redesign, are typically surprised that their previous developer didn’t use Elementor -and we often hear “why haven’t I been using this all along?!” from customers.

Why use Snug Site as your Australian Elementor Designer

Our Elementor design service is always done with an emphasis on Website Visitor Experience, and Ease of Use for the Website Owner. Elementor provides us with the best of both worlds!

With Elementor we have a treasure trove of features available to create a wonderful experience on the public facing side of the website. Then, once the site goes live, the Website Owner can use those same tools to easily tweak their site, add new pages, enjoy design freedom, and malleability.

We also offer Elementor Training sessions specific to your website as part of any Snug Site website design project. Give yourself, or someone inside your business the skills needed to update, and add new content to your website.

Can I use Elementor on an existing website?

In most cases, Yes!
Sometimes, we might find that an existing website Theme is incompatible with Elementor. But, there are some things we can do to work-around that in most cases. There is a free version of Elementor, so it doesn’t hurt to install it and have a look.

One of our more popular Elementor Design Service requests from new customers – is to add a new page to a website, that is using a custom theme, without a page builder. We usually always install Elementor for the task, and then find that the customer will convert the rest of their website over to Elementor to start getting the most out of their WordPress site design.

We provide Elementor Pro as part of our Website Design services

Snug Site has a Developer License for Elementor Pro, so we can install the Elementor Pro version on multiple websites. Elementor Pro offers 50+ advanced Widgets, Popup Builder, Header Designer, among many other extras.

Sometimes the Free Elementor will suffice, but if you need some of the extra oomph from Elementor Pro, we’ll provide a copy of Elementor Pro at no extra cost to you.

Next steps…

Get in touch with Snug Site if you have any questions about using Elementor on your website.

View our Australian Elementor Website Design page for more information about our WordPress Design Services.

If you want to Improve your website (like adding Elementor to your existing site) We also offer WordPress Website Development services.

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