Elementor Training

One on One Elementor Training Sessions

Our Lead Designer, Jonathan Hinson, loves introducing people to Elementor, and has conducted hundreds of hours of Elementor Training sessions.

Either during development or after your website goes live, Jonathan will take you through a concise and informative Elementor Training sessions via screen sharing.

Our Elementor Training is catered to your website and your needs – Learn the essentials specific to your situation and skill-level, you’ll be armed with everything you need to edit your website, and introduce new elements over time.

If you ever need a refresher, or have a new website administrator come on board at your business, we can conduct ongoing training and even provide set up a bespoke advanced Elementor lesson for your business needs. 

Free Learning Resources

The Elementor Community is huge and very helpful. If you ever need to learn more, or just find out how to do something in particular, there is a wealth of free  information and guides on the internet. Including:

Elementor Academy

Check out the official Elementor Academy: https://elementor.com/academy/

This is an amazing resource for new and advanced Elementor users. 

Video Tutorials:

Official Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9kG_EDX8zwGSC1-ycJJVA

(Or just do a Youtube Search for what it is you are trying to do, and you’ll likely find someone explaining how)

Online Communities:

Official Portal: https://elementor.com/community/

(There are also active Social Pages, Meetups, and unofficial fan sites)