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Elementor Custom Column Order Code Snippet

Note! These instructions do not apply to the latest versions of Elementor, which includes an out-of-the-box Content Order system. View information here: Old versions

Elementor Theme Style Helper Template

Free download – this Template is designed to help new Elementor users learn about the Theme Style feature, and to also assist Elementor web designers with their new website design build workflow.

WordPress Content SEO Guide

This is a starter guide on the basics of “on-page” SEO. If you are looking for Professional WordPress SEO Assistance – Check out our WordPress Support page for more details.

Australian Elementor Designer

Looking for an Australian Elementor Designer? This article explains why Snug Site is a great option for you and your business.

7 Useful WordPress Widget Tools

Sometimes we will need more control over the style and placement of the Widgets we use. I have identified a handful of WordPress Plugins that give greater control of Widgets and Widget Areas.

Make WordPress pages load faster

This is primarily aimed at those with a higher level WordPress skills – beginners who are eager to learn should also get something out of this.

WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Without the following standard WordPress Maintenance Tasks your website could be at the mercy of hackers, slow loading times, functionality and even data loss.

10 WordPress Security Tips

The makers of WordPress take security very seriously – However, they cannot account for things that are only under your control…

How to prepare an image for white text

In this Photoshop Guide, I would like to show you how to prepare an image for white text. To be more specific: How to create a colourised version of an image for white font suitability.

Get Australian WordPress Help

If you are an Australian business wanting a new website – or just need some WordPress Support, then an Australian WordPress Developer is the right choice.