Snug Site

North Perth Primary

Key Features

Elementor Conversion: Seamless integration of the school’s existing design into a flexible and user-friendly Elementor environment.

Action Colour Consistency: A distinct brand colour guides user interactions, enhancing the overall experience and reinforcing brand recognition.

Agile Content Management: Intuitive editing capabilities empower the school staff to make updates effortlessly, ensuring timely and accurate information.

Responsive Design Overhaul: Optimised for seamless viewing across devices, ensuring an exceptional user experience for parents and students alike.

Streamlined Performance: Leaner codebase and optimised assets contribute to a faster, more responsive website.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Through our Maintenance Service Program, the school benefits from regular updates, security enhancements, and dedicated support.

Empowerment Through Training: Comprehensive training sessions equip the school community with the skills to confidently manage and evolve their digital presence.

North Perth Primary

Inclusivity Respect Responsibility

Situated in the vibrant suburb of North Perth, the local primary school had been grappling with a website that felt more like a rigid mould than a dynamic canvas. Built on an inflexible “Custom Template” system, the site offered minimal design flexibility, forcing the school staff to shoehorn content into predefined fields. Updating information about committees or adding new pages was a daunting task, ill-suited for an institution that thrives on dynamic communication.

Recognising the need for a website that matched their progressive ethos, North Perth Primary School turned to Snug Site to orchestrate a digital transformation. Our mission? To preserve the essence of their existing design while imbuing it with the agility and versatility of the Elementor platform.


Through a meticulous conversion process, we breathed new life into North Perth Primary School’s online presence. The familiar design elements were seamlessly integrated into the Elementor framework, instantly elevating the site’s visual appeal and consistency.

A key aspect of our approach was the implementation of the “action colour” concept. By identifying a distinct brand colour solely dedicated to interactive elements, we crafted an intuitive user experience that guides visitors effortlessly through the site’s various sections.

Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, the true power of the new website lies in its malleability. With Elementor at its core, the school staff can now update content, add pages, and make design tweaks with unparalleled ease, ensuring a dynamic and relevant digital presence.

To further empower the school community, we provided comprehensive training, equipping them with the skills to take ownership of their online platform and foster self-sufficiency.