Snug Site


Key Features

PWA Centricity: As the lines blur between native mobile apps and websites, this project stands out by emulating the native mobile app experience. With its “Add to Home Screen” functionality, the WiseGardening site offers users the feel and convenience of a mobile application without the need for app stores or updates.

Efficient Data Display: Making use of the WPDataTables plugin, the website showcases an easily searchable and sortable data table. This table efficiently pulls data from external spreadsheets, offering users a streamlined experience to access essential information.

Mobile App Aesthetic: One of the significant challenges we overcame was moulding a WordPress website to resonate with the aesthetics of an Android mobile app. The result? A website that runs with remarkable speed and seamless functionality across a myriad of devices.

Dynamic Popups System: A notable feature of this platform is the unique popup system. Content in specific popups is derived directly from content on certain pages. This smart design ensures consistency, reduces redundancy, and eliminates the hassle of updating content in multiple locations.


Choices to Protect You and the Planet

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the intersection between user-friendly design and eco-consciousness is a rare gem. This is precisely what our team at Snug Site aimed to deliver with the WiseGardening website. More than just a typical website, this platform transcends boundaries by embodying the features of a Progressive Web App (PWA) while keeping the essence of WiseGardening’s eco-centric brand.

Feedback: Through the innovative blend of plugins, aesthetic choices, and keen attention to detail, the WiseGardening website truly shines as a testament to what can be achieved with modern web design tools. It not only encapsulates the brand’s mission but also pushes the boundaries of what a WordPress website can accomplish.