WordPress Error Message Help

If you have encountered an error or warning message – and are unsure how to proceed – contact Snug Site for immediate WordPress Error Message Help.

Error messages and warnings might prevent you from performing some actions (like installing plugins, running a backup, logging in etc.) However, sometimes you may encounter an error across the screen on the public end of the website – for the whole world to see! This kind of thing should be fixed pronto! Not only does it look bad for your business and brand, it might also be a revealing look into your website functionality or vulnerabilities.

Sometimes trying to fix a WordPress error message without the right knowledge can make matters worse. If you are getting a debugging message, or your website is complaining about something you don’t understand, Snug Site will safely resolve the issue and ensure you know how to prevent it or fix it yourself in future.

Some ways we can we help...​

  • Safely restore your backup if stable and recent
  • Back up your website prior to troubleshooting the error to ensure it doesn’t break more
  • Fully investigate the root cause of the issue and resolve
  • Undo any damage caused by the issue
  • Provide you with the knowledge required to tackle the issue in future (or prevent it)
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