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Automatically Update Footer Copyright Year in Elementor

Here’s an easy way to ensure that the date in your Elementor Footer Copyright text is always showing the current year!

Use the ‘Text Editor‘ Widget. click on the “Soup Can” icon (Dynamic Tags) and select the “Current Date Time” option…

Then click on the Wrench icon, and Select “Custom” for the Date Format. Enter in a capital letter ‘Y’ (which means current year only) into the Custom Format field.

This will now always show the Current Year.

To add text before and after this Year, expand the “Advanced” Box, and enter in the Before and After text you’d like to show.

This will likely be the Copyright Symbol ‘©’ and your business name. Some might like to have a “Rights Statement” or like to add ‘All rights reserved’ etc.

That’s it! Set it and forget it!

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