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Elementor Theme Style Helper Template

We have created a unique Elementor Template – intended for Hello Theme users – that can be used as a first step when creating a new website.

Install the Template onto a page, you’ll find a collection of Elementor Widgets with default values added to the page – meaning you can now adjust the Elementor ‘Theme Style’ options to see how they affect Elementor Widgets.

The Template has been designed to showcase key areas that are affected by all of the Theme Style settings. So, if you can get the Template looking great after playing with those settings, then you’ll be in a good position for the rest of the site to shine as well.

The Template is also useful for new Elementor users, as the Template content itself acts as an insightful guide on how to best use Elementor Theme Style Settings. You’ll learn which areas are affected by these settings, and best practices as well.

Template preview:

How to import the Template

We recommend creating a new Page on your website, and Editing with Elementor. Then click on the “Add Template Button”…

Then click on the “Import Template” Icon…

Upload the file, and then you’ll see it in your list of Templates, and “Insert“:

There are instructions on the Template itself on what to do next… But you’ll essentially be going to the ‘Hamburger Icon’ > Site Settings >


Now you can explore the Theme Style settings…

And enjoy watching the Template change as you tweak things.

Note: As Elementor releases new versions and features, we’ll be updating this Template. Check here to see the current Version and Release Date of this Template:

Current Version: 1.1
Date: 14th September 2021

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