Snug Site

Astech Solutions

Key Features

Unified Trio with Cross-Domain Navigation: Three distinct platforms, harmoniously interconnected, offering users seamless transitions and a consistent brand experience.

Elementor Integration: Comprehensive templates for archives to single post types ensure design consistency and flexibility across the sites.

Custom Post Types & Graphical Elements: Tailored post types for equipment and unique graphics set the platform apart, reflecting Astech’s niche in the industry.

Astech Solutions

Apparel Decorating Done Right

Astech Solutions presented a unique challenge: three intertwined websites that bewildered their customers due to overlapping elements. Snug Site rose to the occasion, distinctly crafting identities for each while preserving the overarching Astech branding. This transformation included intuitive cross-domain navigation between the trio and a suite of Elementor templates. Furthermore, with custom post types for both new and used equipment and bespoke graphical elements, each site not only reflected Astech’s brand values but also catered to their diverse offerings.

Feedback: The redesigned digital presence of Astech Solutions stands as a testament to innovative web design aligned with a clear brand vision, offering users a streamlined and cohesive experience.