Snug Site

Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children

Key Features

Vibrant and Professional Design: A visual symphony that captivates and communicates the essence of VAGTC’s mission.

Enhanced Membership System: Reconfigured for optimal performance with user-friendly interfaces and additional features for a cleaner, more efficient experience.

Custom Post Types for Events & Seminars: Tailored solutions that save time and enhance ease of use for site updates.

Improved Members Area: A private, well-structured zone for members to engage and access exclusive content.

SEO-Optimised Information Hub: Strategically organised resources for parents and children, ensuring high visibility and accessibility.

Inspirational User Experience: Every element designed to resonate with and inspire VAGTC’s community of learners and educators.

Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children

Advocating for gifted learners

In a collaborative venture with the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children (VAGTC), a beacon for advocacy and development in gifted education, we embarked on a transformative journey to rejuvenate their digital presence. The pre-existing website suffered from a lack of vitality and professionalism which did not reflect the organisation’s dynamic mission. Recognising the necessity for an engaging, professional online environment, VAGTC entrusted Snug Site with the task of infusing new life into their virtual home with an Elementor makeover. The objective was clear: to cultivate an online space that resonates with the vibrancy and inspiration synonymous with gifted learning, complete with a seamless membership system for its community of educators and parents.


Our collaboration with VAGTC resulted in the metamorphosis of their website into an amalgamation of colour, professionalism, and functionality. By revitalising their membership system using familiar tools but with significantly enhanced configurations. The newly introduced Custom Post Types have revolutionised content management for the VAGTC team, enabling effortless updates and announcements of seminars and events with a professional flair. The design ethos encapsulated a sense of aspiration, mirroring the innovative spirit of the gifted community VAGTC serves. The final product stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence – a site not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust in facilitating the needs of the administrators and users alike, all while keeping SEO firmly in focus.