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Lily Blaze

Key Features

Subscription Mastery: Products come with subscription options, accommodating non-standard intervals for maximum flexibility to their customers.

Responsive Excellence: A fluid design ensures the site looks and functions impeccably across all devices.

Affiliate Empowerment: Our custom-built affiliate/referral system transforms users into brand advocates, amplifying Lily Blaze’s impact.

Interactive Shelter Map: A dynamic Google Map showcases listed shelters, making it easy for users to see the direct beneficiaries of Lily Blaze’s generosity.

Lily Blaze

Dog Poo Bags that give a crap!

In the vibrant pet industry, Lily Blaze is more than just another brand. With a generous heart that contributes half of their profits to dog shelters, they’re truly making a difference for our furry friends. Their mission resonated with us, and we were thrilled to craft an online presence that’s as impactful as their initiative. Using Elementor, we sculpted a pristine, contemporary website for Lily Blaze, optimizing it for both navigation and purchase processes. Integrated with a robust Affiliate Program, the site not only serves its primary customers but also empowers affiliates to be part of the noble cause. Plus, our WordPress Maintenance Service ensures their online platform remains in top shape.

Feedback: Lily Blaze’s mission is as heartwarming as it is impactful. Building their digital platform has been a journey infused with purpose. We’re proud to be a part of their endeavor, and even prouder to see them thrive with the tools we’ve provided.