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Seen Australia

Key Features

Sublime Elementor Design: Our design, grounded in Elementor, ensures a seamless and impactful user experience, putting the spotlight squarely on the photographs.

Pop-Up Slideshow Galleries: With Elementor-driven pop-up slideshow galleries, visitors can indulge in a visually rich journey, diving deep into the nuances of each photograph.

Responsive Excellence: The design adapts flawlessly across devices, ensuring that every visitor, regardless of their screen size, is treated to an impeccable visual treat.

Empowering Training: Beyond design, we equipped Seen Australia with Elementor training, ensuring they can manage and evolve their site with confidence.

Seen Australia

Coffs Harbour Commercial Photography

At the heart of Seen Australia lies a profound knack for capturing moments with striking clarity and emotion. Our challenge? Designing a website that would act as an elegant frame to these visual masterpieces. For a brand with such palpable visual prowess, the website needed to accentuate, not overshadow. And that’s precisely what we aimed for. Using Elementor, we curated a digital space where photography takes center stage, speaking volumes without the need for heavy text. Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures that not only do visitors easily find the website, but they also immerse themselves in the vast expanse of Seen Australia’s captivating portfolio.

Feedback: In Seen Australia, we saw more than a client; we saw an artist with a distinctive visual voice. The final website stands as a harmonious blend of their artistry and our design expertise. As visitors navigate and appreciate the photographic brilliance, we take quiet pride in having crafted the stage for it.