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Merricks General Wine Store

Wine. Art. Food. Produce.

This was a large Elementor conversion project. The purpose of the change from a “custom theme” style site, was to provide the good folk at Merricks a more flexible and easily manage website – where the layout and design of content can grow with their business, and offerings. 

Key Features:

/ Elementor Pro Page Builder
/ Smart Filters
/ JetEngine Listings

From our Elementor Experts Listing...

“The moment came whilst building a Product Archive Template, designed specifically to showcase their wine. A broad smile grew across my face, butterflies danced in my belly, the room seemed to glow brighter around me. At first it felt like pride, but as I searched deeper into my feelings I found something more powerful – Fulfillment. In choosing Elementor Pro for this task, I had provided my client with the opportunity to experience the wonderful joy and fantastic potential of website ownership.”