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There are many reasons why you might want to convert to

Although offers a great free website hosting service, it might mean missing out on some extended WordPress functionality that will boost your site. only offers Limited Themes and does not allow Premium Plugin installs, limiting your website’s functionality. offers a free downloadable version of WordPress, with unlimited potential. You then need to install this software on a Web-host, allowing you to install whatever theme and plugins you require to achieve a beautiful site with extended functionality. It is this bit that often requires some expert help. Snug Site will guide you through the whole process.

Some ways we can help...

  • Export your site
  • Install WordPress on a self-hosted server of your choice
  • Import your website into the new platform
  • Show you the new features available in, and provide training where needed
  • Help you get everything set up in the converted site (Themes, Plugins etc.)
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