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Improve WordPress Security

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WordPress Security is unfortunately something that a lot of businesses don’t think about until it’s too late. Malware, and Website Hacks can bring a business to its knees.

Get ahead of the nefarious side of the web, and ensure your website is running best security practices and security software.

WordPress itself is quite secure. However, once you have installed a bunch of Plugins, a Theme, and possibly custom coded features, you may open the door to bad actors, or spam and phising bots.

Your website hosting may also have some holes in it, which may need to be plugged with some best practice website security measures.

If you have multiple Users on your site, or perhaps a Membership site, it’s important to ensure that there are security standards in place to prevent the creation of weak passwords, or even leaked account information.

There’s quite a lot to cover in WordPress Website Security, it’s a whole industry unto itself. Don’t stress though, just get in touch and we’ll put solid security solutions in place.