WordPress Social Integration

Get people talking about and sharing your website around the web. This is not only the best way to shoot to the top of Search Engine Rankings, but the best way to get feedback from your visitors. Open up a two way conversation with your visitors, and allow them to use your website as a discussion platform. There is a WordPress SEO plugin that everyone is talking about – it’s powerful, easy to use and will give a huge boost your Google Rankings if set up and used correctly. That Plugin is “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. Used by some of the largest and most popular websites, this plugin is a must.

Some ways we can help...

  • Set up Social Sharing Buttons on each Page
  • Assistance with setting up Social Pages for your website (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Add official Social Page Links or Boxes to your website
  • Set up Google Authorship for your Posts
  • Enable Social Commenting on your Site (allow visitors to comment with their social accounts)
  • Set up your WordPress Google Analytics Integration to show Social Interactions
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