Snug Site

Drag & Drop Site Builder

Let's build great looking content easily!

Our website design customers benefit from a user-friendly and powerful Elementor drag-and-drop site builder. This allows them to continue to build upon the site we deliver, avoiding being “stuck in time.”

With Elementor, you can easily edit and add all the necessary elements to a page in seconds, without any technical expertise. It features 90+ widgets that cover all the elements a web page needs to truly shine and offer great features to visitors. For example, if you want to add an image gallery, simply drop it onto the page. To showcase a portfolio, open the page editor, grab the portfolio widget, and drop it where you like.

You may be wondering, “If it’s that easy, why do we need Snug Site?” The answer is that while the page builder is easy to use, getting a professional starting point in terms of layout and design is often necessary to get things started. We make sure that the foundation of the website design, color scheme, typography, etc. is visually appealing and allows for easy updates, additions, and changes in the future if needed.

Typically, once we build a site, our customers don’t feel the need to make any changes. If they do need to add a new service or change details, they use our fast WordPress support service to do it for them. However, if they prefer to do it themselves or hire someone else, they are glad to have Elementor in place.