Global design elements

Modern Design Consistency

One of our favourite benefits of Elementor is how easily it allows you to get consistency across the site, and how smooth it is to manage the Colours, Fonts, and global sections with ease.

With Elementor you can create a custom colour palette for use around your website, and if you decide that you want to change a colour later, then it will update that colour wherever it is used one the site. For example, you can make youe “Fresh Apple Red” colour, and apply that colour when you are editing a page element, and if you decide that you prefer “Sunset Red”, instead, you don’t need to go and change all of those elements, the colour will update everywhere it’s used.

You can create custom font styles in the same way! For example, you could create a font style called “Eye Catching Call to Action Heading” – and then select this font for use around the site, and if you decide to change it later, it will update wherever you have used that font.

The same goes for sections of the site that you might want to reuse on multiple pages… for example a Newsletter Sign-Up sidebar.. just make it once, and then add it to pages or posts whenever you want, and then if you need to change the design of that area later, you do it in one area it updates for you  everywhere – I’m getting excited just thinking about it.