Exceptional Workflow

Ease of Use and Refined Workflow

It can’t be understated how easy it is to use Elementor. We’ve had many customers tell us it’s actually Fun to use.

Some of the ways that Elementor have achieved this is with a great set of workflow tools that are intuitive and a pleasure to use.

These include:

  • Hotkeys, and Shortcut keys, that allow you to move around in a frictionless way.
  • Easily access a Page revision history to roll back to any previous version of the page. You can even roll-back to a specific change you have recently made on a page
  • Copy and Paste! You won’t need to rebuild an element you want to use again! Just copy and paste it. You can copy and paste things from one page to another page.
  • You can type your content directly onto the page when editing – so you’ll know instantly how it all comes together in real-time.
  • Template Libraries. Stuck for inspiration, or having coming up for a nice page layout – you can access an exentive libray of pre-built sections (even whole pags) to work with.
  • Save your favourite widget settings as custom widgets. eg. you built a “Call Now” button – this can be saved as a “Call Now” widget, that you can now use as your own Elementor Widget around the site.