Responsive Design

Look great on all devices

Most website traffic comes from smart phones and tablets, and Elementor helps your website look great on these devices.

Snug Site builds websites to perform well on large desktop screens, and smaller devices too. We can’t take all the credit though, Elementor is a “Responsive Page Builder” – which means that it automatically resizes, and adjusts the layout to fit the screen. However it also provides amazing tools to help you refine this behavior to ensure that things can be adjusted to look spectacular on multiple devices, including…

  • Hide or show individual elements on different screen sizes
  • Rearrange specific content on different screen sizes
  • Preview the designs in real-time on different screen sizes as you edit
  • Adjust Typography and Alignment for all separate sections for Mobile
  • Set Margins and Padding of each widget for smaller screens
  • Optimise images for speed and efficiency (show smaller file versions on smaller screens)
Streamlining the Mobile Responsive design process with Elementor is straight-foward and easy. This helps us keep design costs down, and enables you to have pixel perfect control over your website design well into the future.