Snug Site

Cloud Backups

A website is only as current as its most recent backup.

Protecting your valuable website content is our priority. With us, your data remains securely stored in the cloud.

Establishing a consistent and reliable backup routine is paramount. Should your website experience any hiccups or crashes, it’s vital to have an up-to-date and easily restorable backup on hand. Every tier of Snug Site’s Maintenance Plan includes Cloud Backups, ensuring our clients can rest easy with the knowledge that a secure snapshot of their website is always accessible.

All files and database backups are transmitted via encrypted connections and are housed on AWS, one of the web’s most trusted and secure storage platforms.

Should any issues arise that might hinder a stable backup, Snug Site is immediately notified. Plus, we retain all backups for a full 90 days.

The incremental backup technology we employ is incredibly efficient, resulting in a light server load. This efficiency is advantageous for your hosting memory allocations, ensuring that your website’s speed remains unimpeded during operations.

Economy (Weekly)

Business (Daily)

Enterprise (Daily)

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