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Performance Checks

We conduct a robust weekly performance assessment of your WordPress website, based on Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow evaluation criteria. These evaluations provide an overall performance score and insights into the specific factors that impact your website speed. If your website’s response times are unsatisfactory, we receive notifications, allowing us to offer professional support and development to improve performance.

The results of the Website Performance Check are included in your Monthly Maintenance Report, where you can monitor and compare your website’s performance scores over time.

The Performance Report helps identify common causes of slow website speed, such as inadequate hosting, unoptimized images, inefficiently coded themes and plugins, calls to external servers, CPU constraints, and caching issues.

Optimizing your WordPress website and keeping it up to par with your competitors is crucial for success. Your website visitors may not have the patience to wait for a slow-loading website. A smoothly running and optimized website can also positively impact your search engine ranking and reduce the frequency of search engine bot crawling.

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