Uptime Monitoring

If your website goes down, then you lose visitors and potential revenue. Snug Site will keep a close eye on your websites online status – and receive an instant notification if it goes down, or is not loading as expected. We might even be able to get it back online before anyone even notices.

Sometimes a website outage is not caused by a Server outage, and most uptime monitor tools will fail to detect an issue (as technically the site is not down). We use a “Keyword” monitoring method, that ensures that we are notified if you are missing that keyword from your homepage.

Critical incidents are handled 7 days a week during daytime hours (between 7am to 9pm AEST) – we receive email as well as sms notifications for our Maintenance clients who have opted in for uptime monitoring. Clients are contacted if a resolution can not be achieved within 2 hours of us being notified of a critical incident – in this instance, further advice or ETA is provided.

The Total Uptime as a percentage, and itemised occurrences/anomalies will be available in your Monthly Maintenance Report.

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