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Uptime Monitoring

If your website experiences downtime, the consequences can range from lost visitors to diminished revenue. Snug Site actively monitors your website’s online status, ensuring we receive instantaneous notifications of any disruptions or unexpected loading delays. Though our regular office hours apply, we’re alerted to downtime issues 24/7. Typically, we spring into action quickly, but please note that while we aim to address urgent issues promptly, it’s not always guaranteed. At the very least, we’ll inform you of the situation at hand, ensuring you’re kept in the loop.

Our monitoring strategy also utilizes a “keyword” technique. This unique approach ensures we’re alerted if a specific keyword goes missing from your homepage, even if the site remains technically operational.

In the event of critical incidents, rest assured that we’re available to tackle them 7 days a week during daytime hours (7am to 9pm AEST) for Enterprise Customers. And during our regular office hours (9 am to 5 pm AEST) for Economy and Business Plans. For those who’ve opted into uptime monitoring, we can provide email and SMS notifications to keep you updated. If, for any reason, we’re unable to immedaitely resolve an issue, we’ll contact our clients for additional guidance or to provide an estimated resolution timeframe.

Our monthly maintenance reports offer a comprehensive view of your website’s health, detailing the total uptime percentage and meticulously documenting any irregularities or issues.

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