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WordPress Updates

As part of our WordPress Maintenance Plans, Snug Site meticulously updates your free WordPress plugins and themes as they become available through the official repository. However, we don’t just blindly apply updates. Instead, we often read changelogs and give certain updates a grace period. This is because many developers have a tendency to introduce bugs with new releases. Nevertheless, when a security patch is available, we prioritize and apply it immediately to ensure your site’s safety.

We stay ahead of WordPress updates by diligently reviewing release notes, changelogs, and user feedback. By doing so, we save you the trouble of wading through this information. We thoroughly check sites both before and after updates to guarantee smooth operations.

Note: We only install updates available through the repository. If you require updates for your premium theme, premium plugins, or anything necessitating a license or manual download, consider our Enterprise Plan. Snug Site collaborates with you to ensure continuous access to these resources. We can even purchase and manage licenses on your behalf. If a license renewal is due for software you no longer utilize, Snug Site will, with your approval, cancel the service on your behalf.

Furthermore, we maintain direct contact with numerous WordPress theme and plugin developers and vendors. If we’re aware of any discounts, special offers, or coupon codes, you could realize significant savings.




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