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Maintenance Reports

Receive a monthly report that provides a comprehensive overview of all the efforts made by Snug Site to keep your website running smoothly.

Economy Plan Reports:

  • Update Information: Includes details on the updated plugins, the versions, and the dates of the updates.
  • Optimization Results: Includes information on the improvements made to the database overhead, spam comments, and post revision cleaning.
  • Backups: Includes information on the restore points and backup snapshots.
  • Analytics Overview: Includes information on the pageviews over time.

Business Plan Reports:

  • Uptime Reports: Includes the overall uptime percentage and the tracking of uptime events.
  • Security Scan Results: Includes the results of the most recent security scans, the number of scans, and the web trust results.

Enterprise Plan Reports:

  • Performance Benchmark Results: Includes the results of the most recent performance benchmark scans and the number of scans performed.
  • SEO Information: Includes information on competitors, visibility charts, and keyword ranking data.
  • License Management Notes: Includes information on the renewed and cancelled plugins.

Economy Plan

Business Plan

Enterprise Plan

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