Maintenance Reports

Receive a Monthly report that provides a complete overview of everything Snug Site is doing to ensure your website is humming along nicely.

Economy Plan Reports include:

  • Update Information. Including which Plugins where updated, which versions, and when.
  • Optimization results. Including Database Overhead improvements, Spam Comments, and Post revision cleaning.
  • Backups. Restore Point information, and Backup Snapshot details.
  • Analytics Overview. Including Pageviews over time.

Business Plan Reports also include:

  • Uptime Reports. Overall uptime percentage, and Uptime Event tracking
  • Security Scan Results. Including the most recent scan results, and number of scans, and Web Trust results.

Enterprise Plan Reports also include:

  • Performance Benchmark results. Including the number of scans, and the results of the most recent scan.
  • SEO information. Including competitor information, visibility chart, and keyword ranking data.
  • License Management notes. Including renewed and cancelled plugins.

Economy Plan

Business Plan

Enterprise Plan

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